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Fernwood Gym Review: Membership Prices, Locations & Rating

A survey in 2017 suggested that Fernwood Gym had some of the most satisfied fitness members in Australia.

Fernwood doesn’t have to work particularly hard to validate these claims. After all, their founder won the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Award in 2005 for her involvement in the creation of one of the fastest growing companies in the country.

One wouldn’t be faulted, however, for questioning whether or not Fernwood Gym deserves all the attention people throw its way.

Fernwood Gym Review

Fernwood is a fitness center run by women. It also only caters to female clients. They take a comprehensive approach to the fitness issue, providing programs and classes that tone the body, build the mind, and empower the spirit.

Fernwood targets many of its offerings towards the busy woman, that stressful individual that simply cannot find the time to acquire a proper workout.

Where Did It Start?

Fernwood Gym has several dozen fitness clubs scattered all over the country but it wasn’t much of a juggernaut when it started.

Diana Williams founded the company in 1989. The very first Fernwood Gym was planted in Bendigo, Victoria in Australia.

A decade later, Fernwood became a fully-fledged franchise with fourteen clubs in four states and a turnover of millions of dollars.

By the time the new century rolled around, Diana Williams had been inducted into the Australian Women’s Hall of Fame, and yet she had only just begun to transform Fernwood Gym into a powerhouse.

Today, Fernwood has a powerful brand with over $100 million in turnover.

What Services Do They Have?

Fernwood’s offerings are quite wide-ranging, though, for the most part, they can be delineated into three categories.
The first is personal training. This is where clients are attached to personal trainers who tailor exercise sessions to their needs. Personal training sessions are designed to help busy women get the most out of their time at the gym in the shortest duration possible.

You also have the unctional fit’ service. This is where clients are placed in groups of six to ten women after which they are taken through highly intense training exercises. The Functional Fit offer is designed to provide cardio and strength training. It will also build stability and joint mobility.

Lastly, you have food coaching. This is where women are taught how to eat in a manner that best suits their body types. The purpose here is to help each client find the diet that is most likely to optimize their metabolism.

It should be noted that Fernwood also provides qualified childcare staff who are hired to help those busy moms find the time to work out without having to worry about the safety of their children.

Fernwood Gym Fitness Programs

As most Fernwood Gym reviews will tell you, this fitness organization takes a comprehensive approach to their clients’ fitness goals.

For this reason, besides the traditional gym, Fernwood is also home to quite the variety of programs.

These programs are purposed towards helping individual women meet their unique objectives with regards to fitness. For that reason, you can look forward to programs such as:

1). 28-Day Breakthru – This online program utilizes physical, mental, and nutritional approaches to completely transform the lifestyles of women. It includes exercises, recipes, and meditation sessions.

2). Operation Wedding Dress – This program helps future brides prepare their minds, bodies, and spirits for the rigors that their wedding day will undoubtedly exert upon them.

The program includes weight and stress management classes.

3). Military Miss Bootcamp
This six-week regiment is designed to push women beyond their limits, giving them a safe platform upon which they can test their mettle.

4). Pregnancy – Believe it or not, Fernwood has a program that caters to pregnant women. This regiment primarily includes safe exercise sessions that women can do to stay fit even while they are pregnant.

Along with strength training, group fitness, and personal training, Fernwood has a fitness program for every woman out there.

The classes are also just as diverse. You have everything from boxing, Pilates, and yoga, to Zumba and BodyPump.

What Facilities Do They Have?

Fernwood has every amenity you can expect from a traditional gym. That includes training equipment (cardio, strength, etc.). They also have beauty centers, showers, and parking.

They even offer a free breakfast.

Fernwood Membership Prices

How Do I Join Fernwood?

Joining Fernwood is a simple matter of filling out a form on their website. Because they have so many clubs around the country and each club has its own rules, the company doesn’t have a particular payment scheme that they follow.

For the most part, you can expect to encounter a one-time $199 joining fee. The company offers 12-month membership packages but they are flexible on the issue.

In most cases, you can expect to part with roughly $22 each week. On signing up, you get an activation kit that has your 28-Day Breakthru online program, 24-hours access, and New Member Starter pack.

Fernwood Reviews

As most Fernwood Gym Reviews will attest, this organization has a lot of positive buzz surrounding its operations.

The testimonials on its website feature women who simply couldn’t lose weight on their own, where too busy caring for their family to stay fit or who struggled with mental and emotional stress.

They all credit Fernwood for helping them become better, stronger, more confident women.

Fernwood Gym Locations

Fernwood is everywhere. By 2007, they had an estimated 75 clubs around the country. In Melbourne, Victoria alone, they have 23 clubs. You have Ascot Vale Gym, Ballarat Gym, Bulleen Gym, and Bendigo Gym to mention but a few.

If you don’t know where to start looking for one, just contact the people at Fernwood and they will help you find the fitness club closest to your location.

Their website has all their contact information.