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Plus Fitness Review: Membership Prices, Locations & Rating

Just going for a gym that is popular won’t be a wise decision. When you are choosing a gym to join, you need to take into consideration the features and facilities that you are specifically in need of. Here a summarized Plus Fitness review has been provided that will help you decide if this very gym operating for more than 18 years is the right fit for you or not.

Plus Fitness Review

When we see a gym operating 24/7, we immediately make assumptions that the gym is American-owned. However, Plus Fitness happens to be an Australian-owned gym and is located in around 220 places in Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

Plus Fitness Locations

In Melbourne and Victoria alone, there are around 10+ gyms located conveniently, making it easily accessible via public and private transport. Unlike other popular gyms, the cost of membership is comparatively low. The gym mentioned that they have purposely kept the staffing model as low as possible to ensure the membership fee is also low.

Facilities on offer

In order to provide a detailed Plus Fitness review, we will now take a look into what this gym has to offer. It offers a wide range of options and one of these is the lus on Demand’. Basically, in this program all classes will be virtual classes and the members will have an option to choose from 16 different styles. Some of these styles are indoor cycling, yoga and high intensity classes.

So, there is something for everyone and the best thing is that you do not have to visit the gym to fulfill your daily workout goals. The gym also offers 30 minutes workouts included in the membership and these classes are known as unconditional 30’. If you are looking for a quick and effective result without compromising your daily schedule, then these classes will fit you well.

What is unique about this gym is that they are built to cater to both beginners and experts. And this is evident through the Plus Fitness Master Classes’.

If you are looking to take your workout to a whole new level then this class will be a good choice for you. It offers a range of specialised classes which includes HIIT, weight loss challenges, Pilates, boot camp, boxing etc. Each class offers qualified and helpful trainers and instructors and all gyms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to aid the member to have the best workout session in a safe environment.

Besides, the basic facilities include core strength training, cross fit, cardio, personal training and group training. According to many existing members, they provide discounts, money back offers and other facilities that encouraged them to join the gym.

Plus Fitness Membership Price

As Plus Fitness happens to be a franchise, the cost of being a member can vary from one location to another. To know what will be the fee for joining in your location, you can visit their user-friendly and informative website.

However, you will be glad to know that the starting price is $13.95 for 7 days which is quite affordable compared to what they are offering. Here it should be mentioned that a no lock in contract is provided by them which allows to change the classes or timings as per your preference.

This 7-day pass is offered by the gym to allow the user to understand if the gym is indeed a right choice from them. As it offers the no lock in contracts, so even if you are going on a vacation or have a busy couple of months coming up, you can keep your membership.

This gym offers the option to keep your membership on hold for around 3 months and that too without paying the fee.

They are quite dedicated to help out each member and this is one of the reasons why they offer a qualified personal trainer for member between the ages of 8 to 13. For member between 14 and 15 years, junior membership is available.

But here it should be mentioned that members with this kind of membership will have limited access, meaning they can use the gym during staffed hours. For member above 16 years, the gym is accessible 24/7. This Plus Fitness review will not be honest if the fact that not all Plus Fitness gym is 24/7 accessible is not mentioned here. The gyms located in Sydney CBD, Northmead, Annagrove and Manly are not opened 24/7.

The cancellation policy is also hassle free. A 14-day notice period is needed and once you talk to the gym directly and fill out all the required documents your membership cancellation request will be in motion.

The Verdict

So now that you have a good idea what this gym has to offer because of this Plus Fitness review, your next step would be contacting them directly to get the answers to any questions that has come in your mind. The responsive and supportive team will definitely help you to determine if this well-loved gym be your best bet or not.