How to Find a Gym in Melbourne

Best Gym in Melbourne

Is starting a new and healthy lifestyle was in your new year’s resolution? Do you want to take your workout to the next level? Want to increase stamina or your core strength? Or just want to lose a bit of weight? No matter what your reason is, the main thing over here is finding the best gym in Melbourne that will suit all your requirements.

To help you find the right one, here we will discuss 5 must-know tips for joining a gym along with some famous gyms of Melbourne that is known for helping many to fulfil their health/body goals.

5 Tips For Joining a Gym in Melbourne

Gym in Melbourne
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Strategise your choice

Many people go for a popular Melboure gym or usually picks gyms which their friends and colleagues suggested. And this is the reason why most of these people cannot continue. When selecting a gym, you need to choose according to your requirements.

If you are into free hand exercise, look for a gym which holds aerobics or Zumba classes. If you want do weight training, then you need to go for a gym that offers latest and state of the art equipment.

Similarly, when selecting a gym make sure it is nearby as then even in your off days or even when the weather is bad which is very common in our Melbourne, you can find the will and means to go to the gym and not miss out on your workout.

Get familiar

People who joins a new gym are usually like a deer caught in headlights. As everyone is a stranger, you do not feel the confidence to make the most of the gyming experience. So, it will be best to know the class time duration and plan your arrival accordingly.

For the first few weeks it will be best to arrive early. This will give you time to settle in before starting and you will have enough time to talk with the instructors and fellow gym mates.

Do not be modest, ask around for help or make friends and buddy up. It is very important to ask questions or ask for modifications in your workout routine to your gym instructor.

Dress to Succeed

As you will be working with heavy equipment, there is a chance that you might hurt yourself even if the gym instructor is present. Such scenario usually occurs when you are not wearing the right outfit.

It is highly recommended that you invest in good quality and effectual workout clothes and shoes along with basic protection gears to minimize any chance of hurting yourself.

And it won’t hurt to make a killer workout playlist to inspire you to perspire.

Know the basics

Before joining the gym or starting your classes, you need to have an idea about working out properly. Talk to your instructors to know about the importance of stretching before and after each workout session.

Recovery is also another important topic you need to talk/know about. If you do not cool down properly or do not rest your muscles properly, then you can end up hurting yourself. Resting the muscles so that it can heal and become leaner and stronger is a must which most gym goers are not familiar with.

Hence, it will be best to know how you can get the most out of your workout schedule before joining the gym. You can research about these practices online as well and then consult with the trainer.

Treat Yourself!

Do not take it too seriously; if you drown yourself too much then you will be fed up with the Melbourne gym you just joined, and end up not going at all.

You need to track your progress and at the same time you need to reward yourself for completing a weekly goal or losing you first pound or pushing yourself harder than last time. Encourage yourself and you will find the motivation to move forward.

Ask your gym instructors or fellow gym mates for ideas or suggestions.

Gyms In Melbourne

Now that you know the tips to join a gym, here are some popular gyms of Melbourne which can be your safe bet:

Snap Fitness

This gym located all over the world and is known for having some of the best personal trainers. The gym also provides a wide range of options like strength training, cardio or functional training. Besides, it is accessible 24/7. It is located in more than 20 locations in Melbourne alone.

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Plus Fitness

This 24/7 Melbourne gym is great place for functional classes as they provide a supportive and friendly atmosphere. They are known for dedicated trainers and instructors who provides personalized workout routine to the members based on their requirements.

The gym also offers free fitness programs. With 220 accessible locations in Australia alone, and a lot of which is located in Melbourne.

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F45 Fitness

With a motivating and inspiring atmosphere and helpful personal trainers, this gym is conveniently located in many places in Melbourne. The ’ in F45 stands for Functional training and 45 means 45 minutes which is how long each class will last.

It is located in many different well-known places like North Melbourne VIC, West Melbourne etc.

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Anytime Fitness

The best thing about this Melbourne gym is with over 2700 exercises and 1100 workouts, the members never get tired and can push themselves to do better. They provide an option by which the members can even workout from home.

In Melbourne, it is located in Queen Street and Collins Street.

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Jetts Fitness

This gym is located in over 250 places and one of the best things about this one is that it offers a no-lock in their contracts. The gym operates in such a way so that the members do not have to spend hours in the gym to get the desired result.

So, the members are getting a personalized routine. It is located in Collin Street and many other places in Melbourne.

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EFM Health Clubs

Offering many programs at different affordable prices, this gym is located in many places including Melbourne. It offers month by month membership which allows the members to continue as per their schedule.

With excellent personalized training, the member gets the best result. It is located in RMH City Campus (North Melbourne) and Parkville among many other places.

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Goodlife Health Clubs

This Melbourne gym offers different features like Sauna, Group Fitness, Free Parking, Functional Training Zone, Cycle Studio, Cardio Equipment, changing rooms, Hypoxi Studio and much more like personal trainers.

It is opened 7 days a week. It is conveniently located Bay Street Port Melbourne and other places.

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Fitness First

The gym offers different types of packages, so there is something for everyone. For example, the Personal trainer pack will provide one on one training sessions lasting for 45 minutes among other different things.

In Melbourne, it can be found in Flinders St Platinum, Melbourne Central, Bourke St and other such places.

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Fernwood Fitness

With 70 gym all over Australia, this is a women-only gym providing a whole lot of features. It offers around 3068 classes each week which ensures the members can pick a class as per their schedule. Besides, they offer other services too like childcare and food couching.

It is located in more than 20 locations in Melbourne and Victoria.

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So, hopefully by now you can choose the best Melbourne gym which will definitely meet up to your requirements and expectations.