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Step into Life Review: Price, Location & Facilities

How To Join A Step into Life

With some of the best unique outdoor exercises spaces, Step into Life has become a fan favorite solely on the merit of its Group Outdoor Personal Training program that has made fitness a fun endeavor.

While most people are stuck with exhausting routines and crowded spaces, Step into Life allows you to mingle with like-minded people, to establish a kind of team spirit, and to do it with the help of a highly trained fitness expert.

Locations in Australia/Adelaide:

There are several locations you can find Step into Life studios if you are in and around Adelaide. Anywhere from Apex Park, to Golden Grove, Kensington Gardens and even Westlakes. There are other branches Woodville and Hallet Clove as well, all strategically located in areas that will ensure you get to experience the beauty of the great outdoors.


Step into Life has several programs that are all determined by your personal preference and fitness goals. Once you visit their website, you will get a comprehensive breakdown of the services they offer and the pricing on each program.

You have to key in your details and the mode of payment that is convenient for you to get a full workup of what suits your fitness goals, both short and long term.

Services Offered:

Very rarely do you get the kind of unique environment that is commonplace at Step into Life? The soft grass, the clean air, and the outdoor exercise regimen are all part of the greater scheme that you get from this top of the line health club.

What makes most people steer clear of going to the gym is the frantic, repetitive laborious levels of useless exercises that just tire you out but don’t help because they lack direction. At Step into Life, you get value coaching, a step by step, effective program that is done hand in hand with your trainer and coupled with dietary therapy.

There is no repetition, each day comes with a new exercise set, and you can choose anything from stretching, cardio, box-kicking or any variety of resistance training.

You also get the value of group training sessions that are all-inclusive, at which point you can interact with other goal-oriented members and get the best out of your fitness program.

Step into life offers several consultative options, both in terms of nutrition and fitness, so if you are simply looking for a consult, or you just want to develop a good diet plan, then you have the value of a team of dieticians and personal trainers who will help you through the entire process.

Nutrition and Personal Training:

The jointly exhaustive nature of nutrition and fitness is what Step Into life Health club seeks to capitalize on. The most remarkable results have been achieved thanks to dietary therapy that has been specifically designed to fit each person’s diet preferences, lifestyle, habits and even the size of your family.

This nutrition plan coupled with a specific tailored personal training regime has become the cornerstone of most Step into Life programs, with top dieticians being actively involved in making every dietary construct, all to ensure you get the best value for money.

This is thanks to intense dietary assessment plans that ensure you keep your calorie intake within set limits, while also not being restricted to eating tasty, well prepared, healthy whole foods.


From Treadmills to kettlebells, from rowing machines to dumbbells, Step into Life ensures you have the latest in fitness technology and equipment. Having been acclaimed as one of the most customer-friendly and well-equipped fitness facility in Adelaide, this health club limits the number of people per session, ensuring you don’t have to be concerned about any shortage of equipment.

Whether you are looking into cardio or resistance training, this health club is one that will ensure you get the most efficient trainers, taking you on a fitness journey that will transform your life immensely, and help you achieve your fitness goals in record time.

How To Join A Step into Life

Achieving your fitness goals can be quite difficult without the right kind of mentorship and proper coaching. Step into Life is the best place to achieve this end, by giving you a tailor-made fitness regimen, realistic targets, and a dietary plan that will complement your work-out schedule and keep you on track. If you are looking for a personal training platform that is of guaranteed quality, then this is it.

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