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Snap Fitness Review: Membership Prices, Locations & Rating

Founded in 2003, Snap Fitness is one of the fastest growing gym franchises in Australia. The fitness centers take a unique approach to wellness, capitalizing on special programs and state of the art equipment to help you achieve fitness goals. Let’s find out exactly what if the gyms live up to the buzz.

Snap Fitness Review

The Snap Fitness health clubs operate in over 200 locations in Australia. This 24-hour accessibility makes them a convenient option for Aussies from all walks of life. You have the opportunity to get fit at a time of your choosing. Beyond that, however, the gym has many unique offerings for its members.

Snap Fitness Personal Training

The first thing that many fitness enthusiasts look at before joining a fitness center is probably personal training and the nature of the equipment. Snap Fitness checks right on all of that. Members get total support in their fitness journeys from professional trainers. The trainers bring new workout techniques to the table, every day pushing you to stretch your limits. This level of support and motivation is what most

Snap Fitness members brag about in Australia.

Customizable workouts

The training at Snap Fitness clubs enables you to take a personal approach to wellness. There are programmes for functional workouts, cardio and strength training. With Functional workout, the drills focuses on building your strength and stability for a healthy life.

On the other hand, Snap Fitness has extensive cardio equipment and individual cardio trainers to help you get the best results with this workout. The various strength training machines and weights at Snap Fitness can help you build stamina, lose weight and increase your muscle mass.

MyFit Workouts

MyFit is a signature high-intensity workout offered at Snap Fitness centers. This training takes 20 minutes, making it convenient for those constrained by time. You can sneak in this 20-minute session in the morning, at midday or in the evening after work. There are many routines for cardio, strength, and flexibility in this workout, and all are high intensity lasting for 60 seconds each.

My Zone MZ-3

My Zone MZ-3 is a heart rate monitor in the form of a belt that you wear when working out at Snap Fitness centers. This belt enables you to keep track of the amount of calories you burn at any particular exercise. This real-time feedback can help you pick up the pace when you are slacking. The information is sent to your My Zone MZ-3 application that also includes a diet program.

Snap Fitness Membership Options

You can join Fitness Snap by filling in the registration form on the official website You will then receive information about membership packages and fees.

Since each of the Snap Fitness clubs operates as individual businesses, prices vary all across Australia. The joining fees include access card fees and membership fees. There are no publicly listed prices about

Snap Fitness Membership Price

Membership options are available in 3, 6 or 12-month packages. If you are constantly on the move due to work or any other factor, you can choose a 3-day package. There is also a week-long free trial period for long term customers.

Snap Fitness Locations

Snap Fitness health clubs are in over 200 places in the towns and cities of Australia. In Melbourne, there is one Snap Fitness center on 160 Queen Street, VIC, 3000. Other areas include Point Cook, Wantirna, Heildeberg, Eltham, Hampton, Epping, and many others.

Facilities and equipment

The primary facilities at Snap Fitness gyms include strength and cardio workout equipment. These fitness tools are all up to date and safe. Some of them include bikes, treadmills, dumbbells, rowing machines, x-trainers, steppers, x-trainers, kettlebells, and others.

The clubs also have female amenities fitted with hair dryers and hair strengtheners to facilitate a comfortable workout experience for ladies. There are also designated cardio and functional work out gym sections, and the MYZONE weekly workout series, ALLOY fitness program, and the SNAP Zone center.

Other services at Snap Fitness centers

Members also have access to weekly group classes at every location. You first need to check with your local Snap Fitness center to see what lessons they have on offer. The classes often include boxing, yoga, pilates, spin class, and strength circuit among others.


Australians love the fact they can pop into the gyms at any time of the day or night and still be able to get quality fitness services. The fitness programs that include personal training and fitness classes all have contributed to the positive reception of Snap Fitness centers in Australia.

There are many fitness centers in Australia, but finding one that is custom cut to your needs can be challenging. Get started for your own fitness and wellness benefits.