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Jetts Fitness Review: Membership Prices, Locations & Rating

Are you looking for ways to get into shape and revamp your overall lifestyle this year? One of the best ways of ensuring that you get back in shape is to join a gym. If you live in Australia, you are in luck! One of the bets gyms around, Jetts Fitness, could be your workout partner if you so wish. With over 250 locations all over the world, you are bound to find one near you.

About Jetts Fitness

Jetts Fitness Locations

Jetts Fitness is a gym chain whose aim is to transform its members lifestyles through fitness. The gym, which was founded back in 2007, continues to improve the lives of its members across its 250 locations around the globe. Jetts Fitness has 5 gyms in Melbourne alone.

Range of Services

Jetts Fitness is not your typical gym. Apart from the basic gym services offered at any other gym, Jetts Fitness goes far and beyond your expectations. Firstly, the gyms are small in size and they offer members a more personalized fitness experience. One of the things that will strike you when you join one of them is the selection of equipment used at the gym.

The team at Jetts Fitness focus on ensuring that you get a thorough workout session. In order to achieve this, they have different types of workout equipment, including a cardio and strength-training equipment.

Jetts Fitness gyms are also organised into zones, such as the stretching zone, functional training zone and the free weights zone. The gym has also scheduled different workout sessions to suit your fitness needs, including group training a well as personal workout sessions.

The good thing about Jett Fitness gyms is that they also focus on the kind of staff they hire. Their trainers not only have the requisite qualifications, but also a wealth of experience. The gym offers HIIT Team Training, also known as the J Series. This training is available in all the participating gyms in the Jetts Fitness chain.

Nutrition and Diet Programs

Apart from your workout sessions, Jetts Fitness is also keen on improving your overall lifestyle. With the help of their experienced professionals, you can revamp your diet and achieve a healthier lifestyle. Apart from recommending diet programmes, the professionals may also recommend nutrition and diet apps to help you.

Anyone looking for ways of getting fit through professional gym training will find Jetts Fitness a reliable partner. The gym operates 24 hours every day, providing its members 24/7 access. They also provide a no lock-in contract which offers you the flexibility you need to work out when it is convenient for you. Whether you are on vacation, or on a business trip, you can still access the gym’s services at any of their locations across the world.

Jetts Fitness Reviews

One of the reasons why Jetts Fitness is one of the best gyms around is because of their work ethic. Members are treated to a refreshing fitness experience, with the right equipment and personalized attention. For many members, the convenience which comes with Jetts Fitness club membership is priceless. With your club membership, you have unlimited access to their gym facilities, not only in Australia, but also in New Zealand, Thailand and other parts of the world. Jett Fitness gyms are also located in a serene environment conducive to a quiet training session.

Join Jetts Fitness Today!

Getting into shape is as easy as getting the right fitness partner to guide you through the journey. The good news is that your membership will also come with a wealth of information to equip you with the knowledge you need to take charge of your lifestyle. Whether you would like to have a personal trainer or group training, all you have to do is discuss this with the team at Jetts Fitness.

Jetts Fitness Membership Price

With Jetts Fitness, members are not only assured of quality workout sessions, but also value for their money. For as low as $90, you can easily get into a fitness routine. Their memberships are divided into two: freedom direct debit membership which costs $14.95 per week, and the advance 12-month membership, which costs $549 per year.

Depending on your fitness needs, schedule and budget, you can apply for a membership option that suits you.