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Goodlife Gym Review: Membership Prices, Locations & Rating

Time and time again, you might have heard that working out is good for your health. While you may be more inclined towards relaxing whenever you can, there are many reasons why going to the gym is the healthier option. Apart from strengthening your muscles, exercise also benefits your heart and bones in addition to lowering your blood pressure and significantly reducing body fat. Exercising might make your body feel sore at first, but in the long run, your body will adapt. Working out will also greatly improve your confidence since you will be more comfortable in your own skin. If you have problems falling asleep, a few hours working your muscles at the gym will help you sleep much better. Make time and go to the gym, and your body and mind will thank you.

Goodlife Health Clubs is among the most rapidly growing gym networks in Australia, with over 270,000 members who are dedicated to achieving healthier and more active lifestyles. The main goal of Goodlife Health Clubs is to help their members become better versions of themselves and to achieve the personal goals they have set when it comes to exercise. They are able to achieve this through their renowned programs and topnotch equipment.

Goodlife Health Clubs Review

Goodlife offers a wide variety of services. Some of the classes include:

  1. Active adults- this class offers low-impact and safe exercises for older adults, with a manageable mix of strength and cardio training. This is a group class.
  2. Active kids- you can bring your kids along and engage them in fun and educational workouts. This caters to children aged 5-12.
  3. Aqua- this is a great alternative to a sweaty workout. Burn calories in the swimming pool, with optional water dumbbells also available. You will need to check with your local Goodlife Health Club to find out if they have swimming facilities.
  4. FitSeries workouts- these comprise a variety of classes, from FitSeries agility to FitSeries strength, and are more intensive, meant to generally increase fitness.
  5. Boxing- this is an energetic class that gives you a full-body workout and coordination.
  6. Dance- a dance class is a fun way to burn calories, as well as learn new moves and improve your coordination.
  7. Pilates- this class targets your core, conditioning it over time. It also builds your muscles and improves flexibility.
  8. Meditation- unwind in the meditation class and develop your inner strength.
  9. Yoga- you will find balance and improve your flexibility in the yoga class.

Goodlife Health Clubs Membership Prices

To join a Goodlife Health Club, the first step you need to take is to go to their website. Select the “join now” option. Once the page loads, you will find a variety of membership options to choose from. The price starts from $14.95 per week, with a $99 activate pack and an additional $9.95 for quarterly coaching. To give an example of the pricing, at the Alex Hills Goodlife Health Club, the month to month option will require a $24.95 payment per week, which will give you access to a short-term agreement, a health and fitness program, and group fitness classes. The 12-month membership will cost you $18.95 per week and includes group fitness classes, 20% off programs, a free guest pass over the weekend and quarterly sessions with a personal trainer. However, these prices vary depending on membership type and location so you may have to check the pricing at your local club.

Goodlife Health Clubs Locations

Goodlife Health Clubs has a wide network in Australia, with 84 locations that offer premium equipment and beneficial programs.

Locations in Melbourne

If you live in Melbourne, you will be pleased to find out that there are 20 Goodlife Health Clubs in your location. Find one near you, and begin a potentially life-changing journey to health and fitness.
Facilities and type of equipment provided.

The basic equipment provided by Goodlife Health Clubs includes cardio and strength training equipment, which may vary from class to class.

Select Goodlife clubs have sauna or steam room facilities, where you can revitalize your muscles after a gruelling workout.

Indoor, outdoor and solar-heated swimming pools are also available in a number of Goodlife clubs.
If you like to bring your kid along during your workout sessions, Goodlife provides child minding facilities, where your kid will be entertained as you exercise.

Additional Services Provided

Apart from the basic facilities and classes, Goodlife Health Clubs also offer additional programs that will cost you slightly more. These include:

  1. The 12-week challenge- this package incorporates meal plans, recipes, and training singlets along with a workout program, among others. It begins every February.
  2. The 8-week challenge- this commences every September or October and includes the “Transformation” and “Fitter Faster Stronger” categories.
  3. Emily Skye Ignite- this exclusive class is a half an hour group workout designed by the phenomenal Emily Skye who is a fitness expert.
  4. Small group training- which is conducted by a personal trainer.

Background of Goodlife Health Clubs

Goodlife Health Clubs is an affiliate of Goodlife Fitness, which was founded by David Patchell-Evans in 1979.

When it comes to customer feedback, Goodlife has 4/5 stars based on customer satisfaction, according to Canstar Blue ratings, making it one of the highest rated gyms in Australia. Goodlife maintains these excellent ratings across the board as well.

Regardless of your fitness goals, Goodlife Health Clubs is the perfect fit for you, providing a friendly atmosphere for you to work out in along with equipment and facilities. The membership rates are also relatively affordable when compared to other gyms such as Fitness First and Anytime Fitness. An added bonus is the app Goodlife provides to help you with your fitness program that is compatible with other fitness apps.