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Fitness First Review: Membership Prices, Locations & Rating

What is Fitness First?

Fitness First Locations

Fitness First is a fitness gym located in multiple locations across Australia and offers a wide range of classes, gym equipment and knowledgeable trainers in a welcoming environment. Founded in 1993, Fitness First has stood the test of time as one of the best gyms in Australia. Fitness First has 65 gyms located across Australia, making it easy to find a gym near your home or place of work.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or improve your fitness, Fitness First has the right classes to achieve your fitness goals. This popular gym aims to deliver innovative fitness programs to its members in Australia.

One such program is the Freestyle Group Training which relies on the natural movement of your body. Fitness First also offers a BioScore assessment, which refers to a holistic analysis of your lifestyle, health, and fitness.

Fitness First Membership Prices

Joining process and prices

It is an easy process to join Fitness First. All you have to do is visit us/ then follow these simple steps.

Step One: Select your home club, which is where you will get your membership card.

Step Two: Choose your membership access which allows you to access platinum clubs, passport clubs, high-quality facilities, and top trainers.

Step Three: Choose your membership type between pre-paid membership and ongoing membership. The prices will vary according to term length and membership type. For example, ongoing memberships have 3 months platinum, 12 months platinum, and 18 months platinum of $72, $60, and $56 respectively. While pre-paid memberships have 10 pack platinum and 25 pack platinum of $240 and $440 respectively.

Step Four: You will select your preferred start date.

Step Five: Select your personal training between 2 PT Pack for $110, 6 PT Pack for $270 and 12 PT Pack for $510.

Step Six: In this step, you will provide your personal details such as your name, date of birth, email address and postcode.

Step Seven: You will make your payment after completing the above process.

Services provided at Fitness First

Freestyle Group Training

This is an intensive 30-minute workout which is designed around the natural movement of your body. It is an effective and fun exercise with an instructor to guide you through the ropes so that you can build your strength, endurance, speed, and flexibility.

Freestyle Group Training entails different classes such as XT Circuit, HIIT, HardCORE and Suspension Fusion. XT Circuit workout entails lifting and functional movement techniques to create a challenging and balanced workout. As the name suggests, HardCORE is a workout that builds a controlled and strong core to improve your athletic performance and daily function. Suspension Fusion, on the other hand, uses gravity, suspension training, and your own body to increase lean muscle mass and build an athletic and strong body.


If you are a newbie to weight loss and fitness, your aim should be creating sustainable habits. Fitness First has partnered with HYPOXI to provide members with an easy way to train so that they can achieve their fitness goals.

Whether you are a beginner or looking to fast track your gym results, a personalized HYPOXI plan can help you achieve your goals. HYPOXI utilizes advanced technology in addition to a healthy nutrition plan and low-intensity movement to help your body burn fat easily.


SQUAD is a team of experts and a fitness program designed to help you start your workout journey and reach your goals. You will begin with a six-week personalized nutrition and training plan which will not only start your journey to fitness but help you stay fit in the long term.

Depending on what your goals you can choose between Transformation or High-Performance workout.


Do you want to learn more about your body so that you can develop sustainable healthy habits? BioScore entails a series of tests which helps you understand what is happening in your body.

The results will not only show your real biological age against your actual age but will also show you areas for improvement.

Other services provided by Fitness First include the following:

Personal Training

Personal training is a service that helps you achieve amazing results fast. Fitness First have highly qualified trainers who treat each client as an individual.

In addition, Fitness First trainers help clients learn new exercises, improve their technical skills and stay motivated. Depending on your preferred training method, you will be matched with the right personal trainer.


As you already know, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Simply put, you cannot achieve your fitness goals without a proper diet plan. Fitness First has a variety of nutrition plans designed to help with your fitness goals. Some of the diets they offer include detox diet, post and pre-workout snacks, and best foods to ease muscle soreness.


Fitness First Clubs are equipped with world-class facilities which include a full suite of pin-loaded and free weights, traditional cardio equipment and Olympic Lifting platforms. Other facilities available at Fitness First Clubs include cycle studio, cardio theatre, group exercise, and freestyle.