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F45 Review: Membership Prices, Locations & Rating

F45 Training with nearly 600 studios across Australia and more than 1,300 worldwide is a fast growing franchise brands across the world. The F45 studios are well spread out in a minimum area of about 1,800 sq ft and they have light workout equipment. All workout stations have a TV screen that displays the exercises that have to be done. These programs have been created after extensive research of various exercises and fitness programs run at leading fitness centres. The rising popularity of F45 Training is a testimony to the great fitness programs that the company has developed.

Services Offered: Founded in 2012 in Australia, F45 Training runs 45-minute functional physical fitness training programs at its modern studios equipped with latest technology to run them with efficiency. F45 Training blends three different fitness training systems into one, combining High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, and Functional Training. It is a fitness program that combines interval, cardiovascular and strength training. At the moment, 31 different workout programs are offered at F45 Training studios while more are being developed by F45 Athletics and Peak Performance Department. The interesting part of the workout session is that none of the exercises are repeated during the week and that keeps the members curious and excited about the components of the workout. F45 Training programs are functional as they try to mimic or recreate daily life movements as part of the workout.

Equipment & Facilities: F45 Training is an innovative concept in the fitness industry that recognizes the importance of physical fitness in one’s life and the growing demand for quality training and practice sessions for physical fitness. Unlike regular gyms, F45 Training does not have heavy equipment such as treadmill and the like. The idea here is to give the body a fitness regime that is both easy and effective while the overall result and experience is decisively better than what one will have at a regular gym. In making the workout sessions result-oriented and at the same time enjoyable while doing, F45 uses latest technology including LCD TV screens which keep playing all the workouts for the group on that particular day. In an interview, F45 CEO Bob Deutsch says that he wants to remove the heavyweights from the workout and make it less intimidating for females who constitute 60 per cent of his clients.

Locations: F45 Training has a wide network of franchisees in many parts of the world such as Australia, US and some countries in Europe. In Australia from where F45 began its journey, it has multiple studios in each region, with Victoria having 13 and Melbourne four and more ready to open shortly at both locations. In order to join one of the studios, one has to locate a nearby studio at f45 Training website ( and contact them.

Joining & Fees: The joining process is easy and the fees vary slightly depending on the location of the studio. In order to join one of the studios, one has to locate a nearby studio at F45 Training website ( and book a session. At all the F45 studios, the training programs are the same.

Other Services: F45 studios are armed with highly-capable and charismatic instructors who motivate people to reach their potential. A team of suitably qualified support staff make necessary tests and analysis and recommend a workout regime based on the person’s fitness goals. They also advise on diet plans and other related issues.

Franchise Option: Taking a franchisee of F45 has many advantages such as high-quality fitness equipment at competitive rates that come along with the franchise package. F45 has designed a membership model which ensures maximum returns even when the membership numbers are low. The company offers the support of its highly efficient staff and operational values that can help the F45 franchise set up a lucrative business in an industry that is growing fast and increasingly becoming brand conscious. It has also launched different Apps for franchisee owners and members as well as for booking purposes. The studios also play F45 Music to keep the members motivated during the workout.

Final Words: Deutsch believes F45 Training is a structured, systemized and powerful training system that can be made available through franchise route all over the world. As of now, F45 has made its mark as a dynamic leader in the fitness industry and it is an unbeatable business opportunity to its franchisees. Looking at the growing awareness worldwide to remain fit, F45 looks set for a high growth trajectory.