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EFM Health Clubs Review: Membership Prices, Locations & Rating

Exclusive Fitness Management (EFM) Health clubs have been re-shaping Australia one sweat drop at a time. Since inception in 9991, more and more people are jumping aboard this health and fitness movement. With every new EFM franchise opening, Australia is moving closer to a healthy nation.

EFM Health Clubs Review

EFM is a fitness chain that operates about 65 health clubs in the whole of Australia. These clubs have been integrated into institutions such as schools, hospitals and places of work. These fitness centers are also open to the rest of the public. The general reception and perception of EFM among Aussies is positive mainly due to the clubs’ high standard fitness offerings.

In many locations in South Australia for example, EFM members are chuffed to bits about the personalized training programs. It becomes easier to attain your fitness goals when you have a personal trainer to guide you. Personal training used to be a privilege for movie stars, remember.

EFM Health Clubs Membership Options

If you like to get into this movement to pursue your healthiness ambitions, there are many membership options at EFM health clubs. You can get crazy amounts of discount if you join an EFM Club facility at your place of work. You will like the fact that your workplace EFM health club is convenient for your schedules.

The membership type you choose should be guided by the health results you desire, your availability and budget. A personalized training membership ranges from around $9 to $33 every week. You get a professional instructor to guide you on the path to fitness. You can pay week by week or month by month.

With the month by month membership option, your subscription will not be limited to one fitness center. Depending on how frequently you move, you can transfer to another center only by giving a 14-day notice. Under this plan, subscriptions are renewed every month and not after one year as with other plans.

The process of joining EFM varies from club to club, but it is an absolute doddle. To enter an EFM health club, start by filling out your information on their official website. They will get back to you with details about price and membership options.

EFM Health Clubs Locations

There are EFM clubs in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. Adelaide residents also have a chance to live a healthy and happy life. The best thing about EFM clubs in Adelaide is that your membership does not restrict you to a specific facility; you can attend whichever facility is closest to you, wherever you find yourself.

There are more than five EFM health clubs located in Adelaide CBD. These include clubs in Port Adelaide SA, Pirie Street, North Terrace SAHMRI, Wakefield-street, Angas street, Nthe TCE Sahmri, and Currie ST Adelaide City.

EFM Health clubs in Melbourne include two gyms in the South Eastern suburbs of Frankston and Mount Eliza, several clubs in the North Eastern Melbourne suburbs including Canterbury, Ferntree Gully and a few more clubs in the Northern Melbourne suburbs of Parkville and Bundoora. There is also one EFM fitness studio in Sunshine

Training Equipment

EFM facilities have all the modern work-out machines. The facilities have premier resistance and cardiovascular training equipment. The fitness tools are top shelf, durable and most importantly safe. These include treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, steppers, x-trainers, kettlebells, resistance training equipment and other fitness machines that will propel you to perfect health.

Training Programs

EFM provides a wide range of fitness routines. There are new programs every day customized by physical health experts and a personal trainer. To help you go past your plateau stage, your personal, professional trainer will improvise new routines every day. That will help you achieve consistent results.
The best thing with personalized gym programmes is that your trainer can closely monitor your progress. That involves following up on your schedules and ensuring that you don’t miss sessions.

Eat Well, Live Well Nutrition Program

What good is a fitness program without a diet plan? Fitness is not just about sweating it in the gym; it boils down to what is cooking in your pot. That is where the Eat Well, Live Well EFM plan comes in handy. This is a 12-week strategy of a diet plan approved by a professional dietician.

EFM Health Clubs have earned an excellent reputation for friendly trainers, state of the art equipment and personable customer service. EFM facilities are a place where you can get great fitness services at a low budget.