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Bodyfit Training Review: Fee, Location & Facilities

How To Join A Bodyfit Training

About Bodyfit Training:

There is no other fitness training program in Australia that commands a large following and stands out in the fitness industry than Body Fit Training (BFT). It is one of the fastest-growing programs that have been incorporated into many gym chains in the region. There is a lot to expect from these gym studios besides going through advanced and technology-focused fitness training.

Bodyfit Training Programs:

This one-of-a-kind training concept not only promises fun but also presents an individual an opportunity to be challenged, the opportunity to lose weight and enjoy diversified training opportunities. The success of this gym studio and training programs can be attributed to the guidance and leadership of Cameroon Falloon. Cam, as he is widely known, is the Bodyfit Training founder and he also acts as the joint Chief Executive Officer.

Every fitness program at Body Fit Training is successfully designed by Cameroon. He has used his experience in the fitness industry to come up with unique training programs. His expertise exceeds not only being a strength and conditioning head coach for many organizations in Australia but also training many internationally acclaimed soccer teams in the world. Cameroon also had the opportunity to be the fitness trainer of Princess Diana.

Bodyfit Training Methodology:

The body fit training methodology focuses on results-oriented programs that involve progressive training. This strategy has helped many people increase their training capabilities on a weekly basis. Those who have been able to abide by this intensive training methodology have experienced great result in terms of their training capacity and general transformation of their body.

Why Body Fit Training?

For any adult our there looking for an amazing gym studio to exercise and go through amazing training programs, a well-managed BFT gym club is all you need. There is a lot to explore and learn and here are a number of things that make the body fit training the best way to go. Have a look;

  • At the gym sessions, everything you will be undertaking and more so your performance will be comprehensively and cautiously tracked using heart rate monitors. Fitness enthusiasts will go through proven and high-performance group training programs. These elite training methods are designed to guarantee the best outcomes in every fitness phase a member endures or goes through.
  • The designated fitness programs will vary from strength, cardio, functional, fight fit, pump and core stability to name but a few. Significantly, this training program will not take you the whole day or evening. Depending on program you choose, it will take you 50 minutes of training and have great fun.
  • Fitness enthusiasts looking for long term results and benefits can opt for progression-based training programs that no other gym studio can offer. Those pursuing the program have the opportunity to train whenever they feel like or want to at any of their desired gym studios. The group training program offers you an opportunity to build lasting companionship and network with a friendly and unique social community.

What More to Know About Body Fit Training:


BFT gym studios are widespread in Australia and you can embrace the best and advanced group training programs from different regions. All you need is to visit a fitness studio that offers the program you are looking for. You can enjoy these fitness programs if you reside in;

Geelong West South Yarra Port Melbourne Bayswater Surrey Hills BrightonSouth Brisbane Oakleigh Torquay Town Hall Fairfield Hawthorn Prahran Richmond and Milton

Membership Offerings

Joining the esteemed group going through Body Fit Training is not a challenge. Being a member presents you with an opportunity to change your life. As a member you will enjoy;

Unlimited access to any of the body fit training studiosUnlimited access weekly classes as per your preferencesYou will not be locked or subjected to a contract. You just need to make the recommended weekly membership payment. If you are thinking of canceling your membership, you need to give a 2-week notice.

Top Body Fit Training Programs to Target:

There are a number of fitness training programs that you can opt for. You are not subjected to any program once you become a member. Some of the widely pursued programs are;

High-Intensity Resistance Training (H.I.R.T) a program where you have to endure tough training sessions that will take just 50 minutes. It’s a great program if you are ready to sweat and work hard. High volume, Hypertrophy style training or HYPER where all your exercises will involve lateral movements and a slight twist to gain strength.XTX where you have to mix traditional cardio with resistance exercises and metabolic complexes. BFT PUMP where you get an opportunity to work on body parts that need toning and shaping. You can also try out other programs such as BEAST MODE, SHRED, STRENGTH ENDURANCE and BALANCE to name but a few.

How To Join A Bodyfit Training

You should not have any reservations pursuing Body Fit Training programs. You will be trained by experienced trainers who will encourage you and keep you motivated through the sessions or classes you hope to pursue. In essence, visiting any of BFT gym studio is a great opportunity to change your life. there are no tough restrictions to become a member and at a small fee, you will without a doubt keep coming back to Body Fit Training gym studios.

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