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9 Leading Bundoora Gyms

How To Join A Gym In Bundoora

Many people join a gym on an impulse and later regret their decision. Gym memberships are expensive these days, and thus, fitness aspirers must strive to make a well-informed decision before putting their hard-earned money into any gym membership. Some important considerations must be taken into account while deciding to join a gym.

To start with, the location of the gym is essential. As is, it’s challenging to hit the gym after a long day.

If your gym is far from where you live, chances are the motivation to get a chiseled body will take a beating. Similarly, there are specific amenities that cannot be compromised. For instance, clean washrooms, lockers, and a swimming pool and spa are an absolute must.

Amenities such as a basketball or volleyball court, cardio cinema and rock wall are add-ons that have started making an appearance in many gyms. An important consideration that gym lovers should take into account before joining a gym is equipment.

While it is okay to compromise on other things, there is no point in joining a gym that does not feature cutting-edge equipment. Though it is impossible to buy every latest training tool, gym owners must ensure that the gym has at least a few latest high-tech training tools.

The gyms in Bundoora have been leaping forward in the right direction. Here is a list of gyms in Bundoora that are quite popular with gym-goers.

Accardi Fitness:


Phone Number: 0408 684 266

Address: 4/20Q, Graduate Road, Bundoora

Accardi Fitness has a team of coaches with expertise in the field of Cross Fit and Olympic weightlifting. They also have an in-house nutritionist if you want to discuss your current diet or get a customized one. If you have set for yourself stringent targets, Accardi Fitness also offers personal training services which will make achieving your goals easier.

The cutting-edge equipment the gym features will further make achieving your goal easier. You can go in for a casual class for $25, take a tour of the gym, talk to the coaches, and then decide if this gym is the choice for you.

Force Fitness Studio


Phone Number: 9467 9549

Address: 4 The Concord, Bundoora

If you are looking for a gym that has classes explicitly designed for people belonging to different levels of the fitness chart, this gym is the right choice for you. Casual courses start at just $18 per session, and private sessions start at $30 per session. Classes can be booked using the MINDBODY app. The gym features a premium fitness studio and a one-of-a-kind multi-fitness facility. It also has separate functional training, pilates, one-on-one training, and strength and cross-fit areas. There is also a dietician always present in the gym.

Anytime Fitness (Uni Hill)


Phone Number: 03 9468 5457

Address: Shop TG-12, 1/1 Janefield Drive

Anytime Fitness is a conglomeration of some of the best gyms in Australia. Anytime Fitness (Uni Hill), a part of the Anytime Fitness conglomerate, is a gym with world-class facilities and equipment. From multi-functional racks and plyometric boxes to sled push machines and lifting platforms, this gym has all the equipment you will need. The Uni Hill gym team specializes in strength, cardio, and functional training. Membership starts at $15.95 per week.

EFM Health Clubs Bundoora


Phone Number: 0433 200 002

Address: Parade College, 1436 Plenty Road

EFM Health Clubs Bundoora is another chain gym in Bundoora that is resonating well with fitness enthusiasts. One of the best things about EFM Health Clubs Bundoora is that you can choose to go for a monthly plan. The health club runs different kinds of classes for people interested in different things.

From Zumba and boxing to yoga or only running, people get to indulge in fitness exercises of their liking each day. There are specific classes you can join. Each class has a coach to ensure you are following the right technique.

Gym on Grimshaw


Phone Number: 9466 9666

Address: 7/445, Grimshaw St, Bundoora

If your focus is on strength and conditioning courses, Gym on Grimshaw is the right pick for you. At just $7, you can go in for a trial class and talk to the coaches to get a clear picture of the fitness programs the gym offers. With its focus on strength and conditioning exercises, Gym on Grimshaw has all the latest equipment you will need to master this field. That apart, the gym also offers other services, such as health coaching, nutritional consultation, remedial massages, etc.



Phone Number: 9470 8702

Address: Shops 1-4, 584 Grimshaw Street

At Jetts, weekly membership plans start at $14.95. Jetts is also one of the few gyms in the region that give you the option of no-lock in contracts — you pay when you use their services. Jetts also offers a unique program called the HIIT training that combines the power of cardio, strength, and fusion training into one. Jetts is another chain gym and is known for the quality of services provided. It also offers many unique amenities and latest equipment.

Genesis Health and Fitness


Phone: 9468 1699

Address: 24 Scholar Dr Bundoora

With weekly membership plans starting at just $8.95 a week, the Genesis Health and Fitness, Bundoora, is one of the most reasonably-priced gyms in the area. It’s a well-designed gym that features a cutting-edge equipment range. From kettlebells and half racks to lifting platforms and bumper plates, this gym has all the equipment you will need. The gym also features 65 different cardio equipment.

How To Join A Gym In Bundoora

The fitness landscape has changed for good in Bundoora in the last few years. Many chain and boutique gyms have come up. However, the top three spots currently are occupied by Accardi Fitness, Anytime Fitness (Uni Hill), and Genesis Health and Fitness. Accardi Fitness is the best boutique gym in the area. Anytime Fitness (Uni Hill) is home to some of the latest equipment, and Genesis Health and Fitness offers good value for money.

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