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Anytime Fitness Review: Membership Prices, Locations & Rating

Are you looking forward to joining a welcoming gym community? Anytime Fitness gym offers an incredibly supportive environment for people to train and obtain their fitness goals.

This international gym chain features a small boutique designed facility that opens every day for 24 hours. Compared to other big box gyms, its ability to open and operate throughout the day and night gives it an incredible chance over its competitors.

The company was initially founded at Cambridge, Minnesota by Jeff Klinger, Dave Mortenson and Chuck Runyon in the year 2005. Throughout the years, the trio continued developing their businesses across the US further to other countries.

Anytime Fitness Locations

Now, the Anytime fitness gym boasts an incredible network of over 3,300 clubs throughout the world with its membership standing at a whopping 3 million individuals with Mortenson and Runyon still operating the organization. Anytime Fitness Australia has 450 gym locations on a national scale such as Melbourne and Victoria having an estimated 4 locations in Melbourne.

Want to join the Anytime fitness membership?

Here’s an in depth Anytime fitness review that provides you with the services they offer in addition to their fees, locations, facilities and membership process.

Anytime Fitness Services

One of the most unique features of anytime fitness is its 24/7 availability that offers its members an around the clock membership access even during holidays. Additionally, it is incredibly safe due to the numerous security cameras located within the premises. The company conducts routine background checks to ensure each client is secure in regards to their privacy.

Their health classes include Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Step aerobics, silver sneakers, strength and conditioning in addition to cycling. Within Anytime fitness, there is no pressure to have a personal trainer. Each trainer is in tune with goals and abilities for each individual such that there is a friendly atmosphere. All customers are offered free fitness guidance and consultation from their personal trainers that assist them in purchasing the training session in addition to educating them on a nutritional basis.

Anytime Fitness Equipment

Most of their locations come with numerous body weight machines, cardio machines, free weights, tread mills, racks, kettlebells, Ellipticals, AMT cross trainers, exercise cycles, synergy 360 systems, stair climbers, and free weight machines.

Additionally, every location is also equipped with efficient classroom space, individual showers and lockers. Owing to the fact that the company operates with different vendors, each location’s amenities may vary significantly.

Nonetheless, every gym typically offers the same equipment having exceptions of Hydro massage beds and tan beds. Some locations offer fitness balls and yoga areas.

Anytime Fitness Membership Price

Anytime fitness offers dual and single membership types. For both membership types, they can be paid in monthly installments or at a go in 12 months. The joining process simply involves filling in a contract form enquiring about your contact number. After submitting it, you will receive a call from their representative for all the other necessary steps.

The monthly fees for Anytime fitness are $38.99 with an additional $49 as an initiation fee. This quotation is for a one-person membership. For the dual membership, one is required to pay an estimated $59.99 per month. When you choose to for the annual payment plan, you will stand to save an average of $5-$7 each month.

If you are choosing to go to the gym during un-staffed hours, you will be required to pay a $35 fee without membership. Membership fees may be different from one location to the other due to discounts, offers and promotions.

Membership Feedback (Anytime Fitness Review)

Yelp and Google offer reliable Anytime fitness reviews that help you understand what people experienced from the chain of gyms. However, since every gym location is on a franchise basis, the process of review is quite difficult due to the fact that each location is independently operated and owned. The consistency is quite different.

The main complaints on the gym are similar to others that mainly involves the billing. Additionally, the most common scenario is where clients can no longer cancel their membership. Most individuals state that after reporting to the gym managers, they explained that in order to cancel, they have to pay remaining monthly payments within the contract in full.

Besides, others expressed that the charges continued appearing on their credit card and bank accounts even after canceling the membership.