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7 Best Gyms In The Hawthorn

How To Join A Gym In Hawthorn

Getting a gym and fitness program at Hawthorn is what leads to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Those interested wants personal gym memberships and high-quality personal training within an environment that permits them to feel motivated and comfortable. Consider the following factors when joining a gym.

Equipment – Ensure the gym has good pieces of equipment. If they’re not serviced, they will feel unstable, loose or grind.

Cleaning – Pay services for only clean gyms. Some gyms aren’t cleaned regularly to cut costs. That isn’t suitable for a prospective member.

Service – It’s the most crucial part if you don’t know a lot about nutrition and exercise. You should receive a new program each 4 to 6 weeks and a fitness assessment each 8 to 12 weeks. You always need someone around you to answer your queries. Staff members should be easy to address and friendly.

Type of Gym – You want to keep away from muscle head gyms after 3 pm unless you’re seeking for bodybuilding. Bodybuilding gyms have no aerobic classes and loads of weights.

Ethics – Do they constantly push their items? It’s usually performed with nutrition supplements. Not all products are unsuitable, but the center or instructor should not pushy for their commodities.

Staff – Qualifications may not be everything, but they’re vital. You want a caring fitness instructor. It’s simple to identify caring staff since they’re friendly and courteous.

Membership Price – Different regions have varying memberships, but whatever paid should reflect your equipment, instructors, and service. Scrutinize on the new gyms and compare. It’s a dependable way to gauge true value. Following is a review of 7 gyms and fitness centers in Hawthorn.

7 Best Gyms In Hawthorn


Address: 140 Camberwell Road in Hawthorn East

Contact Number: (03) 8589 9901

The major offers of the facility include:

1 Month Intro Offer limitless Sessions (max one each day)

$150.00 Prepaid only

$450 Prepaid only

25 PT Sessions

Weekly Membership (max one each day)

$50 Direct debited weekly

There’re over 59 team personal training sessions per week. The facility meets lunchtime demand plus 30-minute functional circuits built for busy experts. They include a combination of strength-based exercises and cardio.

2# EFM

Address: Bialik College Gringlas Sports Centre – 21 Cato Street, Hawthorn East VIC 3123

Over the past decade, EFM has been operating personal fitness sessions. The facility receives a brand new program each day. The personal trainer tailors your program to your necessities.

The trainer helps in setting up your exercise machines and offering you particular exercises for your objectives.

Membership options include personalized training, month by month memberships, and flexible and time-effective workouts.


Address: Melbourne’s inner east 9 Montrose St

Contact Number: 0417 667 723


CrossFit is challenging, fun, and intense. You’ll get outcomes from the special program given. The facility entails functional fitness, strength & conditioning, HIIT, weightlifting, cardio training, and gymnastics bodyweight movements. The workouts may be modified to fit your present fitness level. You can start with  Week Fitness Kickstart’ for merely $150.


Address: 586 Burwood Road — Hawthorn VIC 3122

Contact Number: 03 9815 3898

Membership Options:

Monthly personal-training membership125

12 months membership899

6 months membership510

 3-month membership289

It’s a unique fitness studio offering you quality personal training and individual gym members.


Address: 152 Burwood Road – Hawthorn, 3122

Contact Number: 0398188884

The facility is expanded and freshly renovated being one of the biggest gyms in Australia. You can get services 24/7 with automatic access to global clubs. There’re small group classes and nutritionist.


Address: 1B/600 Glenferrie Road – Hawthorn, VIC 3122

Contact Number: (03) 8579 1975

This science-based team training workout is a special one. Members can utilize excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and heart-rate monitors to remain in a target zone. The 36 hours post-workout entails visible toning, more energy, and extra calorie burn. Memberships are of two types:


It’s a month to month no contract with four sessions per fortnight. Extra sessions are available at discounted rates.


It’s similar to the orange elite but includes unlimited sessions per fortnight.


Address: 1/408 Burwood Road, Hawthorn – VIC, 3122, Australia

Contact Number: 0474 329 752


F45 is an innovative and systemized team training world workout. The industry-leading nutritionists will assist you with the entire meal plans to achieve your goals. Vegetarian options for females and males are included.

How To Join A Gym In Hawthorn

Before choosing a gym, you consider a couple of factors, including pieces of equipment, services, membership price, location, and contact details. From the above-discussed gyms in Hawthorn, I do recommend you join Any Time Fitness, Orange Theory Fitness, and F45 Training.

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