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6 Best Gyms in North Melbourne

How To Join A Gym In North Melbourne

12 million Australians don’t exercise enough and overall have low levels of exercise. Today, staying fit is easier than ever. That’s because of the many gyms available all over Australia, specifically North Melbourne.

Continue reading our comprehensive review of these 6 gyms in North Melbourne and we’ll let you know our top 3 picks.

Joining a Gym: What to Look For

Exercising at the gym offers many benefits. But no two gyms are the same. Before reading our review of each gym, you should know what to look for in a gym. Use your preferences and goals to make the best decision.

Look at the Equipment

The equipment a gym offers and how much equipment they have tells you a lot about a gym.

First, ensure the equipment is modern and clean. Next, see if they have your equipment preference. For example, if you prefer the cables, check and see if the gym has several cable machines as opposed to free weights.

Research the Crowd

One of the downfalls of a gym membership is the crowds. If you hate gym crowds, you’ll enjoy a lesser-known gym as opposed to a corporate gym. In addition, larger gyms help break up a crowd better than a smaller gym.

Know the Price

Gym memberships vary in price. Some ask for monthly payments while others ask for a bulk payment for a certain amount of time.

Ensure you’re paying the best price. For example, a cheap gym may not be the best quality gyms. At the same time, an expensive gym isn’t worth the price if you’ll only exercise leisurely.

6 Best Gyms in North Melbourne

Now that you know how to choose a gym, it’s time to find the perfect gym in North Melbourne. Take a look at these 6 gyms and decide which one you’ll love;

1. Equilibrium Health and Fitness

Address: Equilibrium has three locations: one in North Melbourne but also one in Templestowe and Eltham.

The address for the North Melbourne location is: Level 1, 19-23 Errol St, North Melbourne, Vic, 3051

Contact Number: 03 9846 6199 – Templestowe

03 9329 4477 – North Melbourne

` 0488 199 465 – Eltham


They have two different pricing tiers: their basic tier is $18.85 per week and you can access their gym 24/7. The second tier price increases to $21.95 PW and allows access to their Functional Zone which is their intensive training zone. You can also opt to pay for your membership per year. The basic membership is $695 and the membership plus Functional Zone costs $795.

Equilibrium promises you’ll exercise on the latest gym equipment and offer both weight training and cardio equipment. They also offer several classes, ranging from pilates all the way to intense cardio. Equilibrium also offers access to personal trainers when you upgrade your membership.

2. Fit In 2 It

Address: 83 Flemington Road, North Melbourne, 3051, Vic

Contact Number: 03 85381708


Fit In 2 It is more than just a North Melbourne gym. It’s a personal training facility. Their trainers specifically utilize kettlebells that increase your strength while improving your flexibility. This helps produce the results you want without making you look bulky. Fit In 2 It offers free consultation.

3. F45 Training

Address: 409 Flemington Road North Melbourne

Contact Number: 0418 528 777


This fitness studio focuses on fitness classes. Each class is different so members don’t perform the same exercise twice. They combine the best of circuit training, HIIT, and functional training and use a variety of different equipment to ensure you see results.

Prices vary by gym; they have multiple locations throughout Australia. However, each gym offers a seven-day free trial.

4. North Melbourne Recreation Centre

Address: 204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051

Contact Number: 03 9658 9444


If you’re looking for a family-friendly and diverse gym, look no further than the North Melbourne Recreation Centre. They offer everything, from weights to a pool and all sports and activities. In addition, the active and club membership options offer complimentary access to a gym instructor.

They have multiple pricing tiers. The active and club memberships are $69. In addition, students are eligible for a discount (but not for the club membership).

Each membership option has access to the pool (but you can pay extra for fortnight aquatic access). They also offer a corporate membership; however, you must contact the Centre for pricing.

5. EfM Club North Melbourne

Address: The Royal Melbourne Hospital (City Campus), Flemington Rd (RMH Materials Handling Building Opp Women’s Hospital Car park), Nth Melbourne, VIC, 3051

Contact Number: 0415 990 887


If you prefer meeting with a personal trainer, you’ll enjoy North Melbourne’s EfM Club. They offer a free trial period and special offers to help you save,

They offer a range of equipment, including weight lifting and cardio equipment. They also host fitness classes and boot camps if you prefer group workouts.

6. North Melbourne Boxing and Fitness

Address: 64 Sutton St, North Melbourne Victoria 3051

Contact Number: 03 9328 8815


If you’re in North Melbourne and love boxing, you’ll love this facility. This gym offers boxing classes and a range of other fitness classes. You can also exercise leisurely using their weight lifting and cardio equipment.

Their prices vary by month:

1 Month: $120.00

3 Months: $290.00

6 Months: $540.00

12 Months: $1040.00

The higher-tiered prices include perks such as a free pair of gloves and individualized training sessions. In addition, they also offer student and off-peak discounts.

How To Join A Best Gym In North Melbourne

Our pick for the three best gyms in North Melbourne include:

1. Equilibrium

2. EfM Club North Melbourne

3. North Melbourne Boxing and Fitness

These are the most diverse fitness clubs and gyms with the best pricing tiers. Join either one of these gyms or fitness centers to stay active!

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