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6 Best Gyms And Fitness Centres in Coburg, Australia

How To Join A Best Gym In Coburg, Australia

When you join a gym, you are investing not only money but your precious time and energy as well. You need to choose a gym that provides most of your facilities that help to fulfill your goals. Most of the gyms provide free access for a few days for new joiners. You can avail these free access and do initial research in all the gyms near you to see their facilities, timings, training, atmosphere.

When you plan to join a gym, you need to ensure certain factors with the gym to fulfill your goals. Your gym should be at a convenient distance and not too far from your home or office. Your gym should be open and have free slots in the timings that suit you as not all gyms are open 24 x 7. Gyms charge varying prices for the different services they provide. You need to have a well-planned goal, choose the right service to achieve your goals. Your goals should be communicated to the trainer to tailor your workout program as per your goals. Some gyms allow negotiation on member fees and you can ask for lower monthly payments. Make sure the gym has every facility you want to participate and an atmosphere that suits you. Look out if there are waiting in lines for machines, enough space, change room, clean environment, spray bottles, childcare, parking, clean restrooms.

Some gyms offer monthly specials, free personal training and membership facilities on joining. Before you sign up the join form, you need to know cancellation rules, penalty and options to put your membership on hold for a few weeks, transfers to other gyms.

6 Best Gyms And Fitness Centres in Coburg, Australia

1. Goodlife Health Club

  Goodlife is located at Dawson Street and Charles Street, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia. Its open 24 x 7 with state of the art cardio, strength equipment and add-on facilities like a cycle, group fitness studio, fit series zone. It has ladies only area exclusively for all female workouts. It has spacious change room, childminding and free parking.

Its membership programs start from $17.99 per week. You can avail a month to month or 12 or 18-month plan to join. It offers 5-day free access to new joiners who want to check on joining Goodlife.

Address: Dawson Street and Charles Street, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia

Phone : (03) 9353 0999


2. Jetts

 Jetts offers you a flexible time gym to suit your time 24 x 7. It offers a new 30 min HIT team designed to burn fat and get your results. HIT combined with cardio, strength and fusion training gives you a full-body workout. It offers flexible membership plans with freedom whenever you chose to be with Jetts or leave them. Jetts has a cardio area, pin-loaded equipment, large free weight, functional training, personal training, parking shower, and toilets facilities.

It offers individual weekly membership for $14.95 and also 12 months paid in advance. It gives free 5-day access to try out for new joiners.


Address: Jetts Coburg, 290-292, Sydney Road, Coburg, VIC, 3058.

phone : (03) 9383 1560

email :

website :


Address: Jetts Coburg North, Coburg Hill Shopping Centre Level 1. 153-167, Elizabeth Street, Coburg North. VIC, 3058

Phone : (03) 9363 6299



3. Active Moreland

  Active Moreland has a variety of cardio, pin-loaded weight machines, free weight equipment, functional training, upper body strength grinder, tailored fitness training programs.

  Active Moreland has a wide range of memberships Universal, Senior, Youth for accessing its services including a health club, fitness classes. The membership of youth fitness group starts from $ 9.30 for a casual entry to $79.05 for 10 Visit pass. You send a request or contact them on phone to know about the most suitable membership that suits you best

Address: Coburg Leisure Centre, Bridges Reserve, Russell Street (off Bell Street), Coburg

Phone : (03) 9354 3504


4. Dohertys Gym

  Dohertys Gym opens 24 x 7 on all 365 days. It has a wide range of facilities including dumbells, cardio machines, boxing room, bodybuilding, and weight lifting, mono lift and competition bench, Eleiko and Ivanko plates and bars, throwdown functional fitness apparatus. It also has ample parking space, change room, showers, supplement store, cafe, and merchandise.

  Its membership plans start from $15 per week to $65 per month. There are no joining fee, cancellation fee or lock-in contracts. You need to give a 30 day notice period for cancellation.

Address: 45 Weston Street, Brunswick VIC

Phone : (03) 9388 0866


5. EFM Health Club

  EFM Health club provides personalized fitness training program on the basis that no two people need the same kind and level of training. They provide health and fitness services to all age group and varying fees to suit everyone. EFM health club offer programs in health, weight loss, nutrition and fitness with a personalized program.

  It also offers one on one training, group fitness, boot camps. Its allows monthly membership at an affordable price and you don’t have to pay upfront for all 12 months.

Address: Mercy College, 760 Sydney Rd, Coburg North VIC 3058.

Phone : 0432 037 781.

email :

website :

5. F45 Training

  F45 Training offers innovative, challenging and systemized team to train you. Its is located on Sydney Road, Coburg and offers high intensity, circuit, and functional training. Combining these 3 training it offers a 45-minute workout ranging in 36 programs. This method has proven to be an effective workout method for burning fat and building lean muscle.

  The cost of membership varies from studio to studio. You can reach out to the studio managers at Coburg to know about each program and membership charges.

Address : 307-309 Sydney Rd Coburg , Coburg VIC 3058,

Phone : 0416 698 412 , 0498 018 412

website :

6. Snap Fitness

  Snap Fitness offers personal training on a theme to get fit in your way. It offers Cardio, functional and strength training for individual and group on a 24×7 basis. It offers four methods of fitness training to achieve faster results in styles that best fit an individual.

Address: Coburg North Village, Level 1, 180 – 196 Gaffney St, Coburg North, VIC 3058,

Phone: 0409 341 172



How To Join A Best Gym In Coburg, Australia

 Among the gyms in Coburg, the top 3 gyms as rated by the users are Jetts, EFM health club, and Snap Fitness. Jetts offers a wide range of services 24×7 and its innovative 30 min HIT program and excellent equipment make it an excellent choice. EFM health club provides fitness services to all age groups in weight loss, nutrition, fitness and flexible membership are notable features. Snap Fitness offers training programs that are fined tuned to each time and abilities to achieve faster results.

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